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Shortlisted, then Highly Commended, ACT Notable Awards for Children’s Fiction

Seree loves nothing more than eating sweet mushy bananas, rolling in squelchy mud and playing with her family in the jungle. But one day she is captured and put to work in a circus. All she wants is to find her mother, and freedom. Will she succeed?

A heart-warming story from author and Save Elephant Foundation Ambassador Irma Gold and celebrated illustrator Wayne Harris.

Praise for Seree’s Story

Seree’s Story delivers a powerful and important message about animal cruelty and exploitation. Irma Gold is an ambassador for Save the Elephant Foundation and her passion for elephants, their welfare and the need to raise their often disgusting treatment trumpets loudly in this moving picture book … It provides a brilliant and thought-provoking platform for discussions around animal welfare and our roles and responsibilities to prevent animal cruelty in all its forms.’  A Word About Books, read the full review

Seree’s Story is beautifully written and shines a light on the sometimes sad fate of elephants in place like Thailand, encouraging readers to make more thoughtful choices … The author brings her passion for the subject to the page. The story is full of feeling and the earthy illustrations have a timeless quality.’  Liz Ledden, One More Page podcast

‘An important environmental resource to show readers the importance of protecting endangered elephants.’  Sandy Fussell, Sunday Telegraph

Seree’s Story is a heartwarming tale … it definitely pulls at the heartstrings, with Irma gently exploring the sad truth about elephants in captivity around the world.’  Honeybee Books

‘Elephants and their matriarchal bonds fascinate me so I couldn’t wait to read this book! Written by book author and active elephant conservationist Irma Gold, this picture book offers hope.’  Love Four Reading

‘Irma Gold is an ambassador for the Save Elephant Foundation and puts her heart on her sleeve in this heartwarming story. Seree means freedom and is an appropriate name for a little elephant who dreams of her home while forced to live away from her family.’  Read Plus, read the full review

‘With Irma’s stunning lyrical text and Wayne’s moody, emotionally stacked illustrations, this book won’t fail to bring tears to your eyes. Better yet, it will so beautifully highlight the plight of elephants in Thailand, which is something kids not only need to learn about, they will thoroughly champion.’  Tania McCartney