Irma is co-host of the Secrets from the Green Room podcast with Karen Viggers. Each episode they chat with a writer about their experience of the writing and publishing process in honest green room-style, uncovering some of the plain and simple truths, as well as some of the secrets — whether they be mundane or salubrious — and having a lot of fun in the process.

Secrets from the Green Room is supported by the Marion Writers and The Book Cow bookshop in Kingston, ACT.

Episodes feature conversations with Charlotte Wood, Craig Silvey, Sofie Laguna, Tony Birch, Nikki Gemmell, James Bradley and many more!

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Inga Simpson, episode 27

Booksellers, episode 26

Natasha Lester, episode 25

Craig Silvey, episode 24

Brooke and Rhett Davis, episode 23

Claire G. Coleman, episode 22

Robert Watkins, episode 21

Tony Birch, episode 20

Sulari Gentill, episode 19

Cat Sparks and Rob Hood, episode 18

Nigel Featherstone, episode 17

Isobelle Carmody, episode 16

Allison Tait, episode 15

Charlotte Wood, episode 14

Mirandi Riwoe, episode 13

Jack Heath, episode 12

Nikki Gemmell, episode 11

Lisa Fuller, episode 10

Sofie Laguna, episode 9

Eugen Bacon, episode 8

Valerie Parv, episode 7

Brendan Fredericks, episode 6

James Bradley, episode 5

Karen Viggers, episode 4

Chris Hammer, episode 3

Holden Sheppard, episode 2

Anna Spargo-Ryan, episode 1