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Count from 1 to 10 with fantastical creatures and brightly coloured bugs and beetles in this counting book with rhyming text. See bunyips having muddy fun, lions lazing in the sun, snakes slithering on the ground and sea monsters swimming round and round! On each page you will find a fact about these interesting creatures and at the end of the book you will find information about the illustrations, all of which can be found in the National Library of Australia’s collections. This book is beautifully illustrated and designed with bright, clear colours on sturdy, wipe-clean pages.

Take a journey through the alphabet and discover the wild, cheeky and delightful bugs and beasts that are hiding in the National Library of Australia. You’ll find everything from dinosaurs, whales and tigers to unicorns, fireflies and spiders. Young readers will learn the alphabet and enjoy the rhyming text while exploring the Library’s diverse collections. And don’t forget to test your knowledge with the fun facts that accompany each creature. Find out why vultures vomit at their attackers, how iguanas use their tails as weapons, and which animal has a heart the size of a small car.

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Praise for the Bugs and Beasts series
What better excuse to use the extensive and utterly beautiful collection of artworks and photographs at the National Library of Australia than in ABC 123 books? Using luminescent colour, a fabulous collection of artwork and really superb layout and design, these two beautiful books are works of art in themselves…Bugs and Beasts ABC features an alphabet line-up of creatures and critters from all over the world. Author Gold has added to this some rhyming text that gives a well-paced rhythm to reading—something adults enormously appreciate…Visually, these books are splendid and will easily engage young readers while giving them a good old fashioned dose of glorious and heart-pounding art history…oh dear, what a shame (!).  Kids’ Book Review

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